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Welcome to Bush Scents!

We're inspired by nature to protect nature!
We carefully and meticulously select adorable products with wild tones. Most of you will be familiar with these products found in your favourite stores - we simply turn them into irresistible home-ready gift packages just for you! 
80% of all shop proceeds go to rewilding charities. These wildlife organisations do such an amazing and selfless job that is crucial to the survival of our natural heritage and culture. The remaining 20% is retained to grow and improve the initiative.

Treat yourself or select that perfect and unique gift for family, friends or work colleagues. Maybe you'll find that special pack to complement the products you already have at home! Something you like out of stock? Let us know :)

Feel free to message and let us know about worthy wildlife organisations or rewilding projects we can help support!

Oh, and we have photos & prints too! Visit our Picfair store here!

Thanks so much - Anita


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